12" Vinyl LP (Digital download slip included)
Limited edition of 300

We Stay True is proud to present ‘TRIDENT’, the third album from North London producers Armed Dukes.

TRIDENT sees the founding members of Armed Dukes, DJ Drinks and Joe Cain welcome a new member into the fold for this, their third studio album - fellow 12 Bit aficionado Mr P..

For now there are Three. The triple pronged attack of the Greek gods fearsome Trident is an apt metaphor for what each one of these accomplished producers bring to the table - Not only are they armed with an array of vintage equipment including E-MU’s SP1200 & Emax samplers, Lexicon PCM 60’s, tape machines and the seldom seen or heard Sequential Circuits Studio 440, they also bring decades of combined skills and knowledge together to unleash a volley of tough beats and aural destruction to set a mood that is genuinely unique to Armed Dukes.

Inspired by eerie Cold War vistas this new album features hard knocking beats and atmospheric interludes designed to transport you into the claustrophobic beating heart of a nuclear submarine patrolling the deepest depths. Sonically the album references the old methods and classics of an era long past but with that comes a new dawn, a new way of sequencing break beats and loops into a fresh sound.. Drums lovingly chopped, samples carefully separated then reassembled on crunchy 12 bit samplers and mixed in each members own unique way all while infusing the creative juices with state of the art intoxicants..

Armed Dukes hold a mutual respect for what has preceded them - techniques, equipment, breaks, samples, and a need to add to those pillars and develop their own sound on a path towards their sonic vision - bleak, uncompromising and dank.

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